See Broadwater Industries’ Marine Construction Equipment

Broadwater Industries has a Marine Construction Division that offers flexibility and efficiency in both on-land and off-shore environments. This division has the capacity to handle up to 36” diameter piles. We also are able to take on a variety of projects in remote locations, from Bella Coola to the Queen Charlotte Islands to the Alaskan border.

Marine Facility
At Broadwater Industries, our 12-acre marine yard facility is complete with truck scale and 100-foot-long roll-on-roll-off ramp capable of handling barges ranging from 200 to 10,000 tons. The facility includes a tidal barge bulkhead for loading and off-loading ramp barges and a 40- by 80-foot covered tent shelter for fabricating and assembling large components for transport via barge.

Heavy-Duty Equipment
Broadwater’s Marine Construction Division equipment includes:
● 33’ x 76’ Spud Barge c/w Moon Pool
● 36’ x 78’ Spud Barge c/w Moon Pool
● 36' x 100' Material Barge
● Two 20' x 40' Material Tank Barges
● 45 Ton 108 Link Belt Crane
● 80 Ton LS318 Link Belt Crane
● 26’ Tug – MV Lola Sea
● 16’ Boom Boat – MV Piper Sea
● 18’ Work Boat

Project Capabilities
At Broadwater Industries’ Marine Construction Division is capable of various projects, including:
● Timber and Steel Pile Driving
● Steel Sheet Piles
● Demolition and Dredging
● Bridge and Dock Construction
● Marina Construction
● Marine Salvage
● Piers and Gangway Repair
● Anchoring System
● Breakwaters
● Net Pens

Discuss Your Project with Us
Pick up the phone and call Broadwater Industries and ask about our Marine Construction Division. We look forward to discussing our equipment and capabilities with you, along with your particular project.