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For Marine Construction of Marinas and Breakwaters, Call Us in Prince Rupert

If you’re looking for advice on your breakwaters, our team in Prince Rupert can help. When it comes to marine construction, you’re on solid ground with Broadwater Industries. We specialize in the design, construction and repair of marinas, floats, wharves, bridges, gangways, breakwaters, navigational aids, outfalls and related marine structures. We’ve handled big jobs for a variety of clientele including BC Ferries, BC Hydro and more. Our well-maintained and heavy-duty equipment gets the job done every time.

We provide a variety of marine construction services including:

  • Timber, steel H and sheet piles

  • Drop and vibratory hammers

  • Pile rock socketing and rock anchoring capabilities

  • Fabrication of steel, wood, HDPE and concrete floats

  • And more

Our Marine Construction Facility - Butze Terminal

  • Roll-on roll-off barge ramp

  • Bulkhead barge loadout facility

  • 15-acre waterfront access storage area

  • Pile splicing bed

  • 6,400 sq. ft. covered large fabrication area

Lax Kw’alaams Ferry Terminal

Other Projects

Marien Geotechnical Drilling Support

Port Edward Harbour Authority Wharf Repairs

Kitamaat Village (Haisla) Float and Marina Reconstruction

Gingolx Steel Catamaran Float and Mooring Piles

BC Hydro Falls River Hdpe Float

Canifsco Dock Piles

BC Hydro Transmission Tower Piling and Foundation

Cow Bay Marina Anchor Installation

Prince Rupert Port Authority Reef Construction

Our Construction Equipment Includes:

Broadwater Driver

132’ x 50’ x 8’6” Spud barge
c/w 140 ton 3900W
Manitowoc crane

  • Hydraulic deck winches

  • 6’ square moon pool

  • Under deck machine spaces, lunchroom and office

Broadwater Rigger

78’ x 36 x 5’ barge
c/w 80 ton LS318 Linkbelt crane

  • Hydraulic deck winches

  • 2’ round moon pool

  • Above deck machine spaces, lunchroom and office

Coast Marine II

77’ x 32’ 5’ Spud barge
c/w 45 ton LS108B
Linkbelt crane

  • Hydraulic deck winches

  • 2’ round moon pool

  • Above deck machine spaces and lunchroom

Various Materials Include Deck Barges, Tug Boats, Work Skiffs

Need help? Get in touch.

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