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A History of Successful Construction Projects

At Broadwater Industries, we have accumulated many years of experience completing a wide variety of projects throughout Northwestern British Columbia. If you’re curious about the work we do, here are some examples of the numerous jobs we’ve completed.

Civil Projects

Metlakatla Landfill Closure

Metlakatla Waste Management Facility

Location: Metlakatla, BC
Owner: Metlakatla Governing Council
Project: Waste Management Facility
Completed: November 2012
Scope: Site clearing and development for a waste & recycling facility in Metlakatla. Works included excavation, rock fill, concrete lock block wall construction, erection of recycling and hazardous waste structures and guardrails. Logistics of getting materials, equipment and workers to the remote site with only barge and ferry access.

Gitwinksihlkw Raw Water Intake and Water Treatment Plant

Location: Gitwinksihlkw, BC
Owner: Nisga’a Village of Gitwinksihlkw
Project: Drinking Water Supply & Treatment Improvements
Project Cost: $5,500,000
Date: 2011-2012
Scope: This project necessitated the construction of a new water treatment facility with state-of-the-art equipment including an Actiflow clarifier and Dusenflo filters supplied by John Meunier. Work also included installation of a new raw water intake system withdrawing directly from the Nass River, as well as installation of 600 lm 150-diameter new raw water supply piping and 250-diameter new treated water distribution piping to existing reservoir. Water Treatment Plant facility consisted of a 2600-square-foot building containing 400 m3 of reinforced concrete foundations, masonry blocks and heavy timber wood framing, complete with cedar siding. Intake structure consisted of two 24-inch diabeter steel pipes installed in a trench down the rock banks of the river. Intake pipes were secured to the bedrock with four 20 m3 each concrete anchor blocks containing rock dowels socketed into bedrock. This site required mass rock removal, trench rock removal and earth works. The access road consists of concrete curb and gutter, asphalt paving, roadside barriers and sidewalks.

Hays Creek Sewer Main Relocation

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: City of Prince Rupert
Project: Hays Creek Sewer Main Replacement Contract 1
Project Cost: $1,800,000
Date: 2010-2011
Scope: This project required the replacement of ~ 2.0 Km of sewer main through various areas on the east side of the community. Some work had to be performed within existing paved roadways; others required pioneering new routes behind residential properties within the right-of-ways. Three existing communitor stations were decommissioned, and new overhead creek crossing and tie-in was installed to existing 30” concrete sewer main. Many areas including the works were to be completed in environmentally sensitive areas following the Hays Creek drainage system.

Hagwilget Sewage Treatment Upgrades

Location: Hagwilget Village, BC
Owner: Hagwilget Village Council
Project: Sewage Treatment Improvements
Project Cost: $1,400,000
Date: 2008-2009
Scope: This project involved the re-construction of a 2-lagoon treatment facility to a 3-lagoon aerated system, complete with new process piping, control building and upgrades to the existing gravity main infrastructure.

Prince Rupert Complex Care Facility Site Grading

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Northern Health Authority
Project: Prince Rupert Complex Care Site Grading
Project Cost: $900,000
Date: 2007
This project involved the site clearing of 3 acres of land adjacent to the existing Acropolis processing of 10,000 cm of rock. Site servicing required the installation of 230 LM of water-main, 350 LM of storm-main and installation of sewer service complete with associated concrete manholes. Site prep included the leveling and backfilling of the entire site in preparation for building construction in phase two.

Agate Beach Picnic Shelter Construction

Location: Masset, BC
Owner: Ministry of Environment
Project: Agate Beach Picnic Shelter Construction
Date: 2007
Broadwater Industries was hired to take care of demolition and disposal of the existing picnic shelter and the site clearing, prep and construction of a new Haida Gwaii-themed, heavy-timed red cedar shelter enclosed with Mar-Guard coated windows. The shelter was equipped with a masonry chimney and wooden stove.

Agate Beach Campground Improvements

Location: Masset, BC
Owner: Ministry of Environment
Project: Agate Beach Campground Improvements
Date: 2007
This project required upgrades to an existing park facility consisting of the replacement of picnic tables and garbage bins and the installation of a traffic counter. The entire park received a new lift of gravel in order to level campsites, to control water ponding and to enhance overall appearance.

Masset Regional Sewage Treatment Facility

Naikoon Park Water Treatment Plant
Location: Masset, BC
Owner: Old Masset Village Council
Project: Regional Sewage Treatment Facility
Project Cost: $4,000,000
Date: 2006
Broadwater Industries was involved in the construction of a regional sewage treatment facility for the communities of Old Masset Village and the Village of Masset. The job consisted of the clearing and excavation for the construction of three lagoons covering a 5-hectare area. The lagoons were lined with HDPE to hold the treatment effluent within the gravel berms. The lagoons contained a floating lateral air injection system and 1.5 Km of HDPE process piping. On the facility site, an architecturally-designed masonry block/heavy timber construction treatment control building was constructed to house the UV treatment channels and air supply blowers for the floating lateral system, complete with standby diesel generator. The treatment facility was tied into existing outfalls and lift stations using the fusion of HDPE pipe. A new lift station between the two communities was installed to pump sewage from the Village of Masset to the treatment site located in Old Masset. A new 12" diameter HDPE sewer force main replaced the existing deteriorating PVC lines along the 4 Km-length roadway.

Alliford Bay/Skidegate Ramp Upgrades

Diesel Generator Replacements
Location: Skidegate, BC
Owner: BC Ferries
Project: Alliford/Skidegate Ramp Upgrades
Date: 2005
In this case, Broadwater Industries was hired to upgrade the existing Alliford Bay asphalt barge ramp servicing the MV "Kwuna." We facilitated a vertical realignment consisting of the supply and installation of pre-cast concrete panels in the tidal zone and cast in place concrete for the approach above. The Skidegate ramp required concrete spall repairs and the installation of rock-filled gabions to eliminate undermining erosion caused by the ferry propeller wash. All work was completed while maintaining ferry and public access at all times.

Moresby Sewer Main Replacement

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: City of Prince Rupert
Project: Moresby Sewer Main Replacement
Project Cost: $1,000,000
Date: 2004
This project had Broadwater Industries handling the replacement of ~1 km of sewer main through Moresby Park. This unique and diverse project included diverting existing lines as a new pipe was to be installed in the same location as the previous. A steel pipe and piling pipe bridge structure constructed in one area of the project, spanning over an existing stream housing the new sewer main. Pipe bursting of existing sewer mains with HDPE was required for some sections of sewer main, where open excavation wasn't economical due to extreme pipe depths in excess of 30 feet. Site difficulties included working along a fish-bearing stream, which required the successful relocation of fish present in the stream and temporary diversion of the stream to facilitate pipe construction and road access. Sewer line installation also came within close proximity of CN rail lines and required coordination with CN crews for a safe installation.

Alaska Ferry Terminal Renovations

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Prince Rupert Port Authority
Project: Alaska Ferry Terminal Renovations
Date: 2003
During this project, Broadwater Industries renovated the damaged structure caused by a water main break under the building. Work included the excavation and repair of the water main and the construction of a concrete vault to maintain future access to the water main under the building. Extensive drywall and flooring repairs had to be completed due to the hydrostatic uplift created by the water main break.

Sulfur Plant Pipe Stand Foundations

Sulfur Plant Sediment Pond
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Sulfur Canada
Project: Sulfur Plant Pipe Foundations
Date: 2000
Here, Broadwater Industries completed the site prep and installation of concrete foundations and pedestals for the process piping stands carrying the product from the land-based storage tanks out to the wharf where it is transferred into ships. Work included the excavation and installation of 2 concrete piers more than 20 feet deep for the pipe bridge crossing, requiring DYWIDAG-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL rock anchors.

Landfill Closure Works

Location: Metlakatla, BC
Owner: Metlakatla Governing Council
Date: January – March, 2014

Scope: Work consisted of the deactivation of 3 existing landfill sites located in the isolated community of Metlakatla. Logistical constraints a factor as the only access to site for equipment is via barge. Three sites required excavation, grading and capping to restore the areas into as natural a state. Existing monitoring wells were removed and work was performed under strict environmental guidelines. Largest landfill site to become a new Village public works storage yard.

Marine Projects

Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group Smit Marine & Diep Sea Marine Relocation

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group
Project: Smit Marine & Diep Sea Marine Relocation
Completed: August 2013
Scope: Here we are doing construction of new marine facility for Smit Marine and Diep Sea businesses involving Installation of rock socket 36-inch diameter and 24-inch diameter steel pipe piles, as well as decommissioning of existing marine sites and transfer of barges and ramps to new location.

Port Simpson Harbour Float Repairs

Location: Port Simpson, BC

Owner: Fisheries & Oceans -Small Craft Harbours
Project: Port Simpson Harbour Float Repairs
Completed: April 2013
Scope: Demolition of existing timber floats & mooring piling. Installation of 8 new 30” painted steel mooring piles and 300’ lineal feet of timber floats. Access for materials & equipment to site via barge only and crew access via ferry or float plane.

BC Ferries Catwalk Replacement

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: BC Ferry Corporation
Project: BC Ferries Catwalk Replacement
Completed: August 2013
Scope: Removal of existing damaged catwalk span. Fabrication of new 60’ span catwalk, including installation and relocation of existing bearing pile. All work to be completed around ferry schedules.

Lax Kw’alaams Fishing Company Wharf Repairs

Location: Port Simpson, BC
Owner: Lax Kw’alaams Fishing Company
Project: Wharf Repairs
Date: 2012
Scope: Deteriorated bearing and fender piles were replaced. A wharf reconstruction took place, including cross braces, stringers and decking. A steel mooring float pile was installed.

Petro Canada Wharf Repairs

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Suncor Energy
Project: Petro Canada Wharf Repairs
Date: 2010
Deteriorated bearing and fender piles were replaced. Wharf reconstruction included cross braces, stringers and decking. Replacement of concrete pile footings including 11 locations below LLWL with the use of divers and tremied concrete placement.

Kitkatla Wharf & Float Repairs

Location: Kitkatla, BC
Owner: Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Project: Kitkatla Wharf & Float Repairs
Date: 2009
Scope: Float layout and ramp placement were reconfigured. Installed new steel mooring piles socketed into rock.

Lax Kw’alaams Ferry Dock

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Ministry of Transportation
Project: Lax Kw’alaams Ferry Dock
Project Cost: $2,900,000
Date: 2009
The existing timber approach facility was demolished to accommodate the new facility for the Lax Kw’alaams ferry serving Port Simpson. Work included installation of twelve 36-inch-diameter steel pipe piles socketed 4m into bedrock, modifications to steel barge float, assembly and installation of 115-foot-long Acrow bridge, fabrication of a 50-foot-long steel approach span c/w concrete abutment, 220 lm of uplands road construction with concrete curbs and sidewalks including road pavement and bus shelter.

Rio Tinto Alcan Nechako Dock Replacement

Location: Kitimat, BC
Owner: Rio Tinto Alcan
Project: Nechako Dock Replacement
Date: 2009
Scope: New concrete floats were constructed and installed, and eight 24-inch-diameter steel mooring piles were installed. The existing timber approach trestle was repaired, and a newly fabricated 80-foot long aluminum ramp was installed. A 120-foot-long steel pipe breakwater was constructed and installed, complete with concrete anchor and chain mooring system.

Eurocan Pulp & Paper Wharf Repairs

Location: Kitimat, BC
Owner: Eurocan Pulp & Paper
Project: Wharf Repairs
Date: 2009
Scope: Involved replacement of 48 timber fender piles and entire 1,000LF of log fendering system, complete with chain and concrete block attachments.

Public Works of Canada – Fairview Wharf Phase II

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Public Works of Canada
Project: Fairview Wharf Phase II
Project Cost: $2,000,000
Date: 2008
Scope: Necessitated the demolition of approximately 8,000 square feet of timber wharf consisting of creosote piling, pile caps and bracing, stringers, decking and guardrails. Twenty-eight 24-inch-diameter steel pipe piles socketed 2m into bedrock were installed, including reinforced concrete fill. Fabricated and installed steel wharf structure pile caps and installed 12,000 square feet of 16-inch-thick suspended reinforced concrete wharf deck. The new wharf was tied back into shoe with a 150 LF of reinforced concrete abutment with 6 buried concrete deadmen anchors for seismic lateral restraint. Work included the reinstallation of the existing galvanized gangway access to the mooring floats and erection of a new dock mount hoisting crane. All work was to be completed while maintaining an operational facility.

Port Edward Historical Society South Float & Dock Extension

Location: Port Edward, BC
Owner: Port Edward Historical Society
Project: New South Float and Dock Extension
Date: 2008
Scope: Constructed new concrete float and installed 8 steel mooring piles forming 2 mooring dolphins. Constructed a 100-foot-long timber approach consisting of timber piles, cross bracing, stringers and decking and a 50-foot galvanized steel span. A galvanized steel ramp was fabricated and installed.

Fisheries & Oceans Skidegate Wharf Reconstruction

Location: Skidegate, BC (Queen Charlotte Islands)
Owner: Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Project: Skidegate Wharf Reconstruction
Date: 2007
Scope: Replaced deteriorated bearing piles, fender piles, cross bracing and stringers. Installed new decking and bullrails.

Village of Masset Government Wharf Repairs

Location: Masset, BC
Owner: Village of Masset
Project: Government Wharf Repairs
Date: 2005
Scope: Replaced deteriorated bearing piles, fender piles and cross bracing. Installed 12,000 square feet of new yellow cedar decking and bullrails.

JS McMillan Wharf Reconstruction

Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: JS McMillan Fisheries
Project: Wharf Reconstruction
Project Cost: $1,500,000
Date: 2003
Scope: Approximately 2,000 square feet of timber wharf were constructed, consisting of bearing piles, fender piles, caps, stringers and pre-cast hollow-core panel and cast-in-place deck.

Airport Ferry Dock Repairs
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: City of Prince Rupert
Date: December 2013 – January 2014

Scope: Work consisted of the wharf facility repairs located @ Digby Island and Fairview. Digby Island location work included decking repairs, fendering and mooring systems. Fairview location work included mooring piles replacement and fendering. All work performed around continued ferry operation.

BC Ferries Stern Tie-up Dolphin
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: BC Ferries Services Incorporated
Project: Stern Tie-up Dolphin
Completed: Fall 2012

Scope: Necessitated construction of a new ship stern tie-up dolphin at the Prince Rupert facility. Consisted of two 36-inch diameter steel piles socketed into bedrock and steel batter piles with Dywidag rock anchors, as well as new steel catwalks and tie-ins to existing structures.

Port Edward Wharf Repairs & Float Relocation
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Small Craft Harbours
Project: Port Edward Wharf Repairs & Float Relocation
Completed: December 2012

Scope: This project necessitated the reconstruction of 1,800-square-foot timber wharf consisting of bearing piles, cross bracing, waler, stringers and decking as well as relocation of 148 lineal meters of timber floats and removal of the existing 12-4 piles timber mooring dolphins. Also installed 12 new 24-inch diameter steel pipe mooring piles socketed into bedrock.

Swamp Point Aggregate Ship Loading Facility
Location: Swamp Point, BC
Owner: Ascot Resources
Project: Ship Loading Facility
Project Cost: $6,000,000
Completed: 2009

Scope: This project required construction of a new ship-loading facility capable of loading 2000 metric tons per hour of gravel. Work consisted of concrete support foundations on shore with double corrosion resistant dywidag rock anchors with 40 feet of penetration and 150-ton hold-down force each. Site work included rock blasting, site grading, steel piling installation and wharf structural steel. Due to the downturn in the market conditions, work ceased on site following the installation of all foundations containing approximately 400m3 of concrete. Remote access and logistics were a critical part of this project due to its remote location which allowed only barge, float plane and boat access.

Prince Rupert Cruise Terminal Building
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Prince Rupert Port Authority
Project: Cruise Terminal Building
Project Cost: $1,300,000
Date: 2003

This project involved construction of a cruise terminal building and wharf along Prince Rupert's growing waterfront. The wharf construction consisted of the rock socketing of nine 24" diameter steel pilings 10 feet into rock and installation of steel girders complete with hollow-core concrete decking. The building sitting on the wharf used conventional wood-frame construction with heavy timber post and beam accents.

Field Service Projects

RTI Dumper Barrel Dismantling
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Ridley Terminals Inc.
Project: Dumper Barrel Dismantling
Date: 2012
Scope: This project demanded the dismantling of 2 dumper barrels removed for the rail dumper pit. Each barrel had a hook weight of 660,000 pounds. Barrels had to be dismantled into 60,000-pound components or less for future scrap disposal by others.

RTI Baghouse Demolition
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Ridley Terminals Inc.
Project: Baghouse Demolition
Date: 2012
Scope: Bag house structure used for the dust collection of the removed dumper system was dismantled. The project required dismantling the components into segments to be sheared by others at a later date for scrap salvage. Logistical management was required to work around the operating facility and to cross the rail tracks to move components off site.

JS McMillan Demolition
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: JS McMillan Fisheries
Project: Facility Demolition
Project Cost: $800,000
Date: 2012
Scope: All building structures on site were demolished, including a net loft, ice house, fillet plant, office building, production storage and cold storage buildings. Structures that were demolished varied from wood frame to structural steel and concrete.

Prince Rupert Grain Ship Loading Spout Replacement
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Ridley Terminals Inc.
Project: Bag House Demolition
Date: 2012
Scope: The bag house structure used for the dust collection of the removed dumper system was dismantled. The project required dismantling the components into segments to be sheared by others at a later date for scrap salvage. Logistics were required to work around the operating facility and crossing the rail tracks to move components offsite.

Hartley Bay Generators
Location: Hartley Bay, BC
Owner: Hartley Bay Band Council
Project: Diesel Generator Replacement
Project Cost: $1,600,000
Date: 2004/2005
Scope: Involved supply and installation of a 100,000-pound, skid-mounted, enclosed generating station. The station contained 3 generators (2 – 45kW units and 1 – 23 kW unit) supplied by Cummins Western Canada. The generating station had to be assembled and shop-tested, and then moved from the manufacturer’s shop in Surrey, BC as one unit measuring 18 feet wide and 42 feet long to the remote village location whose only access is via boat, seaplane or barge. The new skid mounted generator was delivered to site via barge and moved into place on its concrete foundation. Work also included the site prep, excavation and installation of a concrete foundation for the skid mount generator and the installation of an above-ground diesel storage tank. The existing generating station was disconnected and the new unit tied back into the existing power grid with minimal disruption.

Prince Rupert Butze Terminal Facility
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
Owner: Amix Group
Date: November 2013 – February 2014
Scope: Work consisted of the installation of a reinforced concrete abutment along the existing foreshore capable of supporting the future installation of a 30m-long ramp with a 250-ton rating. Installation of pile dolphin framing and shore pipe struts supporting the barge mooring system. All structures were pre-fabricated in our yard facility and field installed in modules.

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